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Brandenburg Gate
The city of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate is Germany’s most important landmark. It is situated on Pariser Platz in Dorotheenstadt in the Berlin district of Mitte. The gate was constructed between 1788 to 1791 at the instigation of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II by architect Carl Gotthard Langhans. The Brandenburger Gate is a national symbol which unites many historical events of the city of Berlin, of Germany, Europe and the world of the 20th Century. The monument marks the end of the avenue Unter den Linden. On the west side of the gate, the Platz des 18. März is situated and the Straße des 17. Juni, which crosses the Tiergarten, begins. At the time of the Cold War, the Brandenburger Gate formed the border between West and East Berlin – and therefore also the border between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. After 1990, it became a symbol of the reunification of Germany and Europe.
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